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Rules Interpreters

  • 8/16/2015

    UIL/Texas Exceptions to NFHS Rules



    1.  Foul Reporting:  Clear the players, make eye contact with scorer and start the report while walking.


    2.  2-Person Mechanics.  Officials should only switch on shooting fouls and the foul-calling official will go table side.  If foul-calling official is already on table side there will beMore...

  • 8/16/2015


                                                                          THSBOA Chapters

                                                                  2016-17 Local Rules Interpreters


    Mission Statement for Rules Interpreters:

         Follow the National Federation High School Rules (NFHS) as written while

         providing correct interpretation, implementation and applications of the NFHS Rules.

         Provide complete information regarding all Texas Exception

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