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HAVE you been convicted or placed on deferred adjudication for an offense that would require you to register as a sex offender under Chapter 62 (Texas Code of Criminal Procedure), which includes but is not limited to, such offenses as continuous sexual abuse of a young child, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault; or an offense under the laws of another state or federal law that is equivalent to an offense requiring registration


HAVE you been convicted of a felony involving theft, bodily injury or threats of bodily injury, weapons and destruction of property during the prior seven year period


HAVE you been convicted of drug or alcohol-related felony offenses in the prior seven-year period.

Your application may be denied for an affirmative answer. Full disclosure is mandatory. False or inaccurate information will result in immediate revocation of your application.  If you answer affirmatively you will be required to explain in full detail the nature and date of conviction, dates and time served, probation/parole requirements, and dates of probation/parole.

* Indicates required information.
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